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Songs for Disaster Relief

Samson Young (Hong Kong, born1979) is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in classical music and composition. His works range from drawings, to videos and mixed media installations, to multimedia walks and performances. For the 57th Venice Biennale, Young has created a new body of work that attempts to reframe the popularization of ‘charity singles’—purpose-made recordings for charitable causes, featuring a super-group of artists—as a historic ‘event’ and a culturally transformative moment. Charity singles were most widespread in the 1980s, and coincided with the rise of neoliberalism and the global popular music industry. In 2014, Bob Geldof and a new group of artists attempted a remake of the iconic ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ to support West African nations in their fight against Ebola. A perceived ‘out-of-timeness’ of the contemporary remake left a mark on Young’s consciousness, setting him on a course of research that informed this exhibition.


楊嘉輝(生於香港1979年)主修古典音樂與作曲,是一位跨媒體藝術家,作品涵蓋繪畫、錄像、混合媒介裝置、多媒體導行及展演等。這次他為第57屆威尼斯雙年展創作出一系列藝術作品,嘗試以歷史「盛事」和文化轉型時刻作為框架,重新闡述盛極一時由群星獻唱、專為善舉灌錄的「慈善單曲」。慈善單曲適逢新自由主義的熱望冒起及流行音樂工業全球化,於1980年代廣為流行 。音樂人Bob Geldof與一個新的群星組合於2014年再度灌錄《Do They Know It’s Christmas?》,支持非洲對抗伊波拉病疫;這次灌錄有種難以解釋的怪異感,在楊嘉輝的意識中留下印記,引領他踏上這次展覽的研究之旅。